Crop production in Canada

Agriculture in Canada is highly developed. Livestock and plant production are particularly developed there. The food industry is also rich. The country is self-sufficient in all forms of food, but it is also the world’s leading producer of grain cultures. Modern Canada is one of the largest exporters of oats, wheat, vegetable oil and barley. Cereal production ranks Canada fifth in the world. However, wheat production ranks third.

Crop production in Canada: characteristics

The steppe regions of the country are characterized by excellent natural conditions, which enable gardeners to successfully farm and obtain excellent harvests, particularly cereals. Canadians have been cultivating plants for many years, but it was only at the end of the last century that they began to focus on crop production.

Yet today, Canadians devote only 7.5% of the entire state’s land area to agriculture. That’s 68 million hectares. Arable land covers more than 60.5% of these areas. Crop production in this country accounts for about 42% of the value of all agricultural produce.

Modern Canada is one of the leading exporters of major agricultural products. Wheat is Canada’s main grain crop, and it ranks third in the world in the issue of its exports.

In addition, there is a strong horticulture industry in the country, where apple cultivation is a priority. Besides, we want to write about other areas of agriculture, like growing plants like potatoes, maize, flax, tobacco, oats and barley.

Canadians have great respect for agriculture and apply the most modern soil technology. This technique helps the country to produce very high yields, not only meeting its own needs ut also exporting the products that Canadians produce.

In the steppe regions of Canada, people grow not only wheat but also different types of forage grasses. Thus, 1/5 rapeseed and 1/3 oilseed linen from the world share grows the names of Canada.

Potato farming is another branch of crop production that is popular in Canada, namely its Atlantic provinces and named Prince Edward Island. This vegetable is the most popular and sought after food product in Canada, and is only the 13th largest producer in the world. Canada has been a major food exporter, including potatoes, since 1995.