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How promising is turkey breeding as a business?

In the United States, about ten turkey breeds are listed in the national property register. Moreover, almost all the species on the list have been sanctioned in European countries. According to statistics, in the United States, each inhabitant consumes up to ten kilograms of turkey meat annually. In this regard, many people need help understanding whether they should plan to raise turkeys as a business, and they also worry about prospects and how difficult it is.

We want to tell you that turkey meat is prevalent in the United States and Canada. Also, an American national dish is known worldwide, such as a baked stuffed turkey for Thanksgiving. Nevertheless, Israel is the world leader in turkey meat consumption. This may be because the Israelis are responsible for the issue of health, the level of which depends on the diet.

Due to the growing trend to care about the environment and the popularity of a healthy lifestyle, you can be sure that turkeys have excellent prospects as a business. This applies not only to countries with high turkey meat consumption but also to other countries.

Today, growing turkey as a business has become very popular even in those countries where this meat was previously less than 50 grams per year per person.


How to practically organise the cultivation of turkeys as a business

The production of turkey meat and semi-finished products is the most popular in the US. An important factor is the very warm climate almost throughout the country. Why is a warm climate important in the issue of turkey farming as a business? Can’t animals be kept in closed, heated farms? The essence of the global change of agricultural organization throughout history:

  1. In the twentieth century, industrial agriculture conquered famine for the first time in human history, which people have struggled with for millennia.
  2. However, industrial agriculture has revealed many significant problems. First, the widespread use of antibiotics and hormonal drugs stimulates a mass increase in animals and prevents infectious diseases.
  3. When people eat turkey meat in large quantities, they get high doses of antibiotics, and this reduces the effectiveness of these medications in treating patients regarding meat production.

In response, the US government launched a campaign to phase out antibiotics and hormonal growth stimulants in agriculture in 2013. The largest American turkey manufacturer announced a complete ban on antibiotics on their farms, such as Butterball, in 2016.

To fully meet the increased environmental and safety requirements of poultry production in today’s environment, you should consider turkey farming as a franchise-based business from a large agricultural producer.

The best option is when you get detailed and high-quality farm turkey farming technologies. Chickens are the best breeds for breeding livestock and balanced feed from your head partner. In this case, the entrepreneur will be able to become a profitable producer, repay loans, and generate a large income in the minimum time. Also, they will be able to protect the business from claims by public health supervisory authorities.

Given current trends in agriculture, consider such an option as natural grazing in wild pastures. It will be the best option for the long and reliable growth of your business, the essence of which is turkey meat production. Your animals will not receive pesticides during the feeding process. It will only eat grain and fresh grass.

With this approach, your productivity will be lower than using industrial and agricultural technologies. However, your turkey will be in the category of expensive organic products. This is the reason why we can guarantee you a high level of efficiency in your future business.