Business development

Quail breeding as a business

Dishes of meat quail are delicacies. This is the reason why many restaurateurs are willing to buy fresh poultry. Quail eggs, on the other hand, are dietary products and are recommended for patients with certain diseases. Also, they are the best option in the issue of a preventive health remedy.

You can conclude that quail farming as a business should have good prospects and bring a significant income to the founders of an agricultural enterprise with a competent approach.

If you start planning quail breeding as a business, first of all, you should study the features of local legislation in detail. We advise you to pay attention to issues of commercial and commercial production of poultry. The law allows the breeding of birds for sale on private land in not all countries. In some countries, you cannot engage in commercial poultry farming. You can realize your dream only if you have a specialized farm registered as an appropriate form of legal entity.

In addition, if you plan to raise quail at home as a business, you should remember that catering companies consider the safety and sustainability of food raw materials very important. So you will find it difficult to certify your products if you grow them on a private site. Also, you will need help getting all the necessary documents for sanitary and environmental control. However, only they will help you to make contracts with restaurants.

At the same time, the efficiency of your future production depends on the output volumes directly. Small-format production is always extensive — the cost of the final product, as opposed to mass production.


Quail breeding: a great investment

A healthy lifestyle has become very popular in developed countries in recent decades. In addition, so-called organic foods have become popular too. This situation is where quail breeding has become a very promising type of business:

  1. Consumers know that in industrial and agricultural enterprises, manufacturers often use antibiotics and hormonal preparations. Moreover, they produce feed from grass treated with pesticides when it grows in the field.
  2. For this reason, modern consumers want to rely on those products that breed manufacturers on small private farms. However, Consumers do not think that the farmer can buy chemical fertilizers, antibiotics, hormones, and pesticides and use them, too.
  3. Nevertheless, transforming public opinion helps farmers sell meat several times more expensive than agricultural mills.

Breeders have bred some unpretentious quail breeds. Among them are Japanese, Estonian, French, and English breeds. Japanese quail is the most profitable poultry. The weight of such poultry is only 200 grams. This corresponds to the standard restaurant portion. Moreover, quail lays eggs throughout the year.

Maintaining the climate is the key to the sustainable growth of the poultry population. It should comply with the recommendations of quail breeding. Otherwise, you may encounter such an issue as dying of your animals.

The fact is that meat and eggs of quail are not among the budget goods anymore. This is why the efficiency of this business depends on the current prosperity of the population. In the event of an economic crisis and a sharp decline in the solvency of the people, such farms will be able to experience a large loss.