When it’s better to plant coniferous plants

The favourites on any household plot are coniferous plants. The reason for this is that they look beautiful every month of the year. Among their advantages are ease of care, resistance to wind, and a dense structure that prevents dust from entering the site. They can create great hedges and look great in groups as well as grow themselves. They are the preferred choice, but not all people are aware of when to plant coniferous plants and how to maintain them properly. In this article, we will describe the basic nuances that tell us about the choice, planting and care of these plants.

The right choice of coniferous plants

Each plant has its own peculiarities and requirements. The point of disembarkation is especially important if you can determine it correctly. Then the plant you planted will grow and every year only grows nice and thus pleases you and your loved ones.

We must also clarify that spruce and other coniferous trees do not like shadows, the proximity of groundwater and increased humidity of the site. In such territories, these trees will ache and die.

Therefore, bright beautiful coniferous plants like the sun and hey grow slowly and sluggishly in shady terrain. At the same time, cypresses can only be active in the shadows. It needs shade and minimal sun for successful development. You wouldn’t be wrong to plant juniper in the open. Larch likes the sun, but if you choose a tree like Japanese larch, you have to plant it in the shade. In any case, each tree type needs specific conditions.

Coniferous plants

The ideal time for planting coniferous trees

Each gardener dreams of acquiring the best coniferous plants for the garden on his own plot. However, first of all, you have to decide at what point of the year you want to start planting or transplanting plants on the site. Numerous studies have shown that coniferous trees grow best if planted early in the spring, mid-April or autumn, in the first weeks of September.

However, there are several nuances. The first One is a region. You have to remember that you need roots to take root before the summer heat if you want to plant seedlings in the spring. However, coniferous plants there are that you must plant only in spring. Among such trees is blue satin cedar, cloudy sciiadoptis or Himalayan cedar.

The reason for this is that none of these coniferous tree types is resistant to frost, and if you plant them in the fall, they will not take root and will die. In addition, you should remember that young softwood plants have difficulty withstanding strong winds and hot sun. Once the plant is transplanted, you should cover them to give them a great shade.

Selecting the best coniferous plants for planting on the site

If you are planning to buy coniferous plants, you should choose trees that are 3-5 years old and ideally if they have a closed root system. If you use lower-age seedlings with open root systems, the probability of successful tree-building is minimal. If you want to buy seedlings, it is better to do it in the nursery. However, there are some unscrupulous sellers who sell seedlings with open root systems instead of closed ones and sell them in containers. However, you can easily find out the truth. You should just flip over the container. If you realize that the ground is soft, it’s a bad idea to buy this product. You should also remember that root system ends should not be dry.

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