Which plants are best planted in the autumn

If you want your site to enjoy the beauty and attractiveness of the plants planted on it, you must find out which plants are best planted in autumn in the dacha in a timely manner, and you must understand how to arrange their maintenance properly. We have to remind you that their care will be unique and will depend on the type of plant. In addition, you have to remember that you can only sow and transplant a plant at one time or another.

When is it better to transplant plants: the correct season according to experts

It is one of the most important issues of gardening. You must always consider this requirement and then you can be sure that your plant will not die and will be beautiful. Most often, gardeners do spring transplants, however, some plants exist that need to be transplanted only in autumn or spring. That’s exactly the kind of issue you need to figure out in time.

You should start transplanting plants because, in the process of growth, every plant develops and begins to grow, appearing in areas where its presence becomes undesirable. In addition, gardeners do transplants for other reasons and are most often based on the fact that a lack of nutrients will damage their plants, and this is the case for room plants in pots, to a large extent.

You can easily tell if you need a transplant. Just look at the state of the soil during the irrigation. If water is not retained on the soil surface, this means that it is overlaid by the plant’s root system. Of course, it will be bad if the water stays on the surface, in which case the soil saturation is uneven. This happens on sites with heavy soils. In both cases, you should do a transplant of your plant, but in the second case, simple digestion of the soil may suffice.


The need for a transplant also indicates the presence of roots protruding from the ground or if they appeared in drainage holes of the pot, especially if your plant is room one. In addition, you should consider the age of your plant because many young plants feel better if you transplant them every year. An unscheduled transplant is what you should only do based on the current situation, for example, the one we have described in this article. However, you should do any transplantation with care and a few rules. Okay, first you have to figure out what time of year is perfect for this procedure. We have prepared for you some advice and recommendations on the issue of transplantation.

  1. Slow-growing plants. You should transplant them only once in three years.
  2. Large plants. You should replant them every four years. However, if they grow in large pots, replacing the top layer of the ground will be a sufficient procedure.
  3. Fast-growing and young plants. They’ll ask you for an annual transplant or a more frequent one.

Rules and recommendations for transplanting room plants

The first factor you have to study is the optimal planting time of a plant. For example, it can be spring or autumn. If you’re going to grow your plants in open ground. In the process of transplanting room plants, you have to be aware of factors such as:

  • The new pot, which is larger than the previous one by a few centimetres, is optimal for transplantation of the plant.
  • During the transplant process, you have to cut its bottom and lateral roots that extend beyond the ground.
  • You must choose the soil type correctly for a plant.
  • At the bottom of the pot, you should pour the exclay because it will rid the pot of excess moisture.
  • In addition, you can use special soil additives, but little by little.

If you follow the transplant rules and guidelines, you will be greatly satisfied with the results of your work. Your pets will grow quickly and decorate your house or garden.