Agronomy: a range of occupations

Crop production is one of the main branches of agriculture in which a great number of people from a wide variety of fields are engaged in activities. In this article, we will tell you, which crop production professions, are the most popular and why they are the basis for any economic industry.

Major occupations in crop production

  1. Agronomist. These professionals work with plants, and their main goal is to get the maximum yield at a low cost. In order to achieve these objectives, they need a great deal of knowledge and skills to be able to determine the correct crop production technologies. As part of their activities, they have introduced various methods of growing garden, garden and cereal crops. They pay particular attention to pest, disease and weed control. It may also specialize in vegetable production, grain crops, viticulture, horticulture or tea.
  2. Agrochemicals. If we have decided to describe the occupations associated with crop production, we should mention these specialists, because they are the ones who run the agrochemical laboratory in any vegetable garden. The agrochemical task is to perform some form of analysis that will help him identify a crop that is ideal for a given soil. In addition, with the help of agrochemicals, you can determine the right amount of fertilizer most accurately. It will also help you determine the type of fertilizer to be applied to the soil during its cultivation. As a result, you will have an excellent harvest.
  3. Oenologist. This specialist works in the field of viticulture. He can pinpoint the best grape variety, the location of the plants, and the rules of maintaining it. Oenologist understands the equipment in detail that you should use in your vineyard, as well as all the ways of processing the crop and the features of its storage. In short, it is the specialist who starts the chain of growing grapes and ends it.

  4. Soil scientist. This expert studies soil composition and determines the most rational use of a particular plot of land. This specialist will also assist you in developing measures to combat soil erosion. Soil scientist controls the use of mechanization and fertilizer in the fields.
  5. Agro engineer. This is a professional who knows how to organize the use of technology in crop production correctly. We should point out that with a professional approach by an agri-engineer, you will be able to significantly increase the yield of your land and reduce the number of employees. Before applying new technologies, the agricultural engineer conducts the necessary research. In addition, he or she introduces new working methods and techniques only when the study shows positive results. In addition, the field technician is able to maintain and install agricultural equipment.

We have listed only a few crop-growing professions and we can continue this list for a long time.