Best hedge plants

If you plan to set up a hedge on your property, you must first decide on the type of plant. We must tell you that in today’s world, there is a wide range of options, each of which has its own peculiarities and advantages. In this article, we will tell you how to choose the best plants for the hedge and what nuances the implementation of there are.

Hedges: what are the best plants

  • Hortense. It’s not very caring, and in the process of flowering, it becomes a real decoration of the garden. The bush is lush and has large leaves with emerald shade. However, you have to consider that this plant grows best in acidic soils. The strength of this plant is lush bloom.
  • Lilac. If you want to see a pretty tall hedge, you have to choose lilacs. During the flowering season, which takes place in the spring, the hedge acquires charm and uniqueness. However, you must remember that in today’s world, there are many varieties of lilacs. Therefore, you should choose such lilacs as Hungarian or Amur ones for the beginning of your occupation.
  • «Thunberg» Barberry. In the garden, this hedge looks great. Nevertheless, we specify that the height of this bush does not exceed one metre. Among the strengths of this variant is there are:
    • good hedge density;
    • bush preserves its attractiveness and unique appearance during the whole warm period;
    • this plant adapts to any condition without difficulty and is also resistant to maintenance.

  • Syringe. The height of the bush is up to 3 meters. In addition, in the process of flowering, this plant gives off a pleasantly delicate aroma. It grows particularly well in temperate climates and is reluctant to leave. Among the strengths of this variant there are:
    • a small width, which allows creating a hedge in a limited space;
    • the bush has a bright green leaf;
    • plant recovers fairly quickly after cutting.
  • White dogwood. The bush of this plant grows up to three meters high if you provide proper care to it. This plant is able to continue to decorate the site even in winter. It blooms twice a year and has small berries in August. You can choose this plant as a hedge option for many reasons, but the main strength is that this plant will not require much effort and time from you. It is also suitable for planting in any type of soil.
  • Berry yew-tree. You should pay attention to this plant if you cannot decide what type of plant to choose for the hedge. Thys are durable and durable. In addition, this plant successfully recovers after cutting. However, you should use this plant with precision because it exudes poison. You have to follow several safety rules when caring for this plant.

You have to look carefully at the plant before you choose one or the other. The important thing is to make sure that it is suitable for planting in the type of soil you have on the land. In order for the hedge to always please you with beauty and unique appearance, you must treat the plant correctly and in time cut the branches.