Crop production in the USA

Today, America is the leading producer of crops. It should be noted that the cultivation of the area dates back to the years when the true inhabitants of the continent, namely the Indians, owned the land. It was they who first started domesticating plants that Americans continue to grow. The continent includes two countries, the United States and Canada. In each of these countries, agriculture is very highly developed and has its specific features.

Plant production in the United States: its characteristic and unique features

In America, agriculture is sharply divided according to the areas in which people grow different types of plants. Today, focused agricultural fields occupy half of the United States. Maize, wheat and cotton are the most productive industries in the United States. Priority crops are cereals. People grow different plants in different states.

  • Wheat states. Wheat is the most popular cereal in the United States. These territories are located on the great plains and include several states such as South and North Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Minnesota. However, you should know that not only is wheat growing, but some other cereals, such as maize, are growing in smaller quantities.

    Crop production
  • Corn states. The cornfields are in the Central Plains of that country. Livestock is still a priority in agriculture, so the people of these states are paying special attention to crop production, too. In these lands, maize grows best, and this harvest is enough not only to cover the needs of the country but also to export to other countries. The corn capital of the United States today continues to be Iowa. In addition, other states such as Minnesota, Missouri, Illinois, and Nebraska have successfully cultivated this cereal. The soil in these areas is particularly nitrogen-rich and the climate is warm and moderate, with stable precipitation. All this provides the best possible conditions for a rich maize harvest.
  • Soy crops. This is the largest crop in the USA. America produces about 60-65% of the world’s beans. This cereal has been successfully used in vegetable edible oils, and soybean is also used in the production of compound feedstuff and concentrates. Soybeans are more commonly grown in states close to the Corn Belt, but today there is an expansion of the industry to the south of the country.

Now, we can say with confidence that in the United States, crop production is high. The people of this country grow fruits and vegetables in huge quantities. In these same regions, Americans grow flowers and all kinds of vegetables. On the southern shores of America, vineyards and huge orchards of fruit trees are productively grown. Idaho and Maine are still recording potato growers.