What you can grow in a temperate climate

Many plants will not be able to grow in warm and humid latitudes. However, temperate climates are not an obstacle to many other domesticated plants. This is the reason why those people who learn about such plant types that are adapted to such natural conditions will surely make the optimal choice for the species they will grow. Many inhabitants of temperate latitudes will surely be interested and useful to learn about how many types of farm plants exist that are optimal for these territories.

What gardeners cultivate most often

The most popular plants for temperate climates are potatoes, beets and other root vegetables. The white cabbage is one of the most common crops that people in such regions eat. Tomatoes, cucumbers and various berries also grow in atmospheres. Rowan, raspberry and currant are among them.

Some cereals are most popular:

  • rye;
  • wheat;
  • oats.

Temperate climates are the optimal conditions for the cultivation of buckwheat, but this condition only applies to those countries where buckwheat is popular in the food industry. Many types of grass are best conserved in temperate environments. This is the reason why this climate has excellent conditions for pastoralism too.

What else can be cultivated in this climate

You will be mistaken if you say that grapes only grow in the southern latitude. This is only partly true because, in a temperate climate, you can cultivate many more grape varieties, but only with a greenhouse. Moreover, modern technologies such as hydroponics and aeroponics will allow you to efficiently grow leafy greens and other plants under closed conditions. Greenhouses will allow you to grow even many tropical fruits.