Which soils are most fertile

Any gardener, gardener, or farmer, even the most skilled in the business, can fail if he or she lives in poor natural conditions. The fertility of your soil is one of the most important natural factors. That’s the main reason you have to make sure that your cropping area is optimal before you start cultivating it. In addition, you need to know which soil types are fertile.

Which soil types are the most fertile

There are quite a few soils that are suitable for farming, but only one type is considered the most fertile and the best favourite. Humus, or black earth, is like that. This type of soil is named because of its colour, which is due to the presence of various substances and microorganisms in the soil, which are useful in the growing process. In this soil, you can grow plants like:

  • different fruits;
  • many roots;
  • berries, flowers, trees and greens.

If you want to grow several plants on this soil, you have to create special factors, such as sufficient heat, sunlight and moisture. However, humus often occurs exactly where there are other factors in a good ratio, such as the presence of temperate latitudes in the south.

Other soils that are also fertile

Two types of soils are quite fertile too. These are grey forest soils and chestnut soils. Of course, they can’t be as effective as humus, but if you use them correctly, you can do better with this type of soil.